Sunday, March 15, 2009

a new space

A new space, a new pilates reformer, a new focus.

Ronda Whaley, certified massage therapist and stott trained pilates instructor, has a new space, a new reformer and a new focus.

be. massage therapy and pilates studio, is located in the Masonic Temple Building at 102 1/2 Front Street Suite #209. Pilates primary focus is to strengthen the core, the center of your bodies movement. Pilates, creates better posture, increases mind and body awareness, relieves muscle tension, and improves self confidence.

The new focus is the emphasis on private "individual attention" for each student. The combination of therapeutic massage combined with plates, will bring your body into balance creating better health on many levels.

be centered. be calm. be strong. be relaxed. be grounded. be aware. be energized. be aligned. be nurtured. be peaceful. be happy.

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